Friday, 29 April 2016

We bring Arihant Academy close to its Goals

Arihant Academy is one of Mumbai's premier coaching institutes at the school (VIII, IX and X in both ICSE and SSC) and junior college (XI and XII, in Science and Commerce). The academy is known for its passionate attitude towards teaching. However, the mentors at the academy felt that despite having all the infrastructure, good teachers and an excellent record of results, it was unable to actualize and enhance its potential. The problem that the Muse team identified was three-fold:
  • locate ways of passing relevant information to the students’ parents as important stakeholders and decision-makers in their children’s academics and future
  • instill confidence in the parents regarding the caliber and efficiency of the teachers and the system at Arihant Academy
  • transform the communication and confidence into a higher rate of admissions
  •  making it more concept-driven replacing its existing information-driven simplistic outlook
  • making it comprehensive
  • working around the theme of futuristic thinking
  • and delivering the message that Arihant Academy brings the students close to the future
  • generating a playful, yet science- and future-oriented ambiance around the event 
  • making science and technology an accessible reality and concept for the participants
  • sustaining and enhancing the impact caused by the seminar.
  • The participants at the seminar found it very unusual and exciting to be in a simulated environment that reflects on their dreams and aspirations
  • They began to click snapshots of themselves and of each other and started uploading them  on various social media which, in turn, generated many ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ and helped Arihant Academy and its message spread to several other people and potential students
  • The buzz around the event was reflected in the impromptu admissions and enrollment with the academy.
As an extension of the same message, Muse developed an idea for an interactive spot for the students and parents to explore and possibly stay longer with the freshness of the message that the seminar offered – that of a meaningful and quality association and an opportunity to come close to the future. Muse conceptualized and developed a realistic installation of an astronaut and a rocket. Students could enter into the astronaut's uniform and get the feel of an astronaut and feel themselves going closer to the future. This interactive installation helped in:
Muse had to work on different ways of creating brand awareness and generate admissions for the coaching institute.

Muse studied the existing brand literature and mechanisms which were in place to attract and retain students. It was discovered that Arihant Academy conducts several seminars to reach out to the students and to communicate to them the quality that it stands for and its offerings. The academy also distributes its literature in the form of brochures among the students. These brochures serve as the communication mechanism between the academy and the parents. Muse devised different ways in which both the seminars and the literature could be capitalized upon and tapped into for a greater impact and better results. 

First, the team redesigned the academy’s brochure with the intention of:

Muse developed the theme of "We Bring you Close to Future" to represent the the futuristic teaching technology of Arihant Academy. The brochure was supposed to be designed for Science Section. Science is about the Future, about what is next and about new inventions. Hence, Muse designed the brochure by compiling the future with Arihant Academy's processes.

The same impact was then carried further into the family space of the students in the form of the brochures that followed the students towards their homes.

Muse thus developed, designed and executed the interactive installation and promise-oriented message in a way that helped build and travel positive brand image:

Muse helped Arihant Academy formulate, convey and spread its message within crucial time when admission season had just started. Thus, enabling the client to reap the benefits of a good creative strategy towards its advantage.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

We Launched a new Melamine-ware Brand Dinewell with Juhi Chawla

There are few things more exciting than working with something fresh like a new brand. There is no history to juggle with, neither past success nor mistakes. As a series of products in the range of crockery and dinnerware, Dinewell had to be visualized right from the scratch. It’s this envisioning of a new name that came as a central part of the brief to Muse. Dinewell is one of the leading manufacturers of Melamine Decorative Trays and Tableware in India. The stylish products have unique and exclusive designs. Dinewell products are made from 100% food grade melamine. With their four different categories like Horeca, Dinnerware, Coordinates and Trays, Dinewell fits elegant on various occasions and festivals.

As a new brand, Dinewell offers a new space for conceptualizing at all levels - thinking, designing, disseminating the values that can be expected of the brand to fulfill, and executing the entire campaign. The brief was to introduce the brand in perhaps what is one of the most common categories of everyday usage, to position it in terms of exclusivity and promise of quality.

Muse strategized the launch of Dinewell by roping in Juhi Chawla as the brand ambassador. She, among all the celebrities, was chosen so as to communicate the brand’s authenticity and quality. Juhi, as an adored personality, brings in an element of personal assurance, exclusive range, wider reach and a quotient of like ability. She is famous, and her charm travels easily across classes. As someone with a family, she is a perfect feminine presence.

The first step was to organize a comprehensive photo-shoot showcasing Dinewell product range in all its contexts – home, restaurant and catering. Muse visualized and actualized the entire photo shoot with the photographer, the art director, the fashion designer and the stylist. The intensive brainstorming and planning sessions led to a fine execution and an output of elegant range of photographs that strike the right chord with the consumer. The photographs have been transformed into brand literature in the form of creatives like brochures, catalogues, exhibition branding, print ads, hoardings and packaging. The creatives project required attributes: beauty, quality and exclusivity.

Muse has thus planned and executed an entire campaign with a simple idea of leveraging on celeb potential of the right kind. The brand would be instantly recognized and would have no difficulty in being registered in the minds of consumers. The strategy of using a brand ambassador has worked very well. It has moved quickly through the dealership channels. The brand’s set up at various exhibitions has received a huge number of footfalls. It has had no issues in being accepted as a promise of quality. And Chawla’s presence has been able to win those crucial factors of loyalty and trust. It hasn't received any kind of incredulity or hesitation towards its quality. Muse’s efforts have thus converted the brand Dinewell into a promise.