Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Build your Brand with muse

An Idea is an illusion till it kicks the sales.

We are in the business of making brands grow through ideas. Our grey cells exercise to keep your brand fit and young. A healthy brand has all the reason to feel proud. If health is wealth, your brand remains always prosperous with us. 

Advertising that cannot provoke thought is merely marketing.
The thought-centric agency derives its power from the eccentricities of its inhabitants. Unanimously, the elements of art, aestheticism, imagination, intellect and research feed your brand and fulcrum it towards its goal. 

Your investment in media will become charity if you try to save on creative communication.
Our strategic creative communication helps you buy visibility and sales for print(newspapers, magazines, bulletins…),electronic (radio -television), OOH, social media campaigns. We potentiate your investments by:
Creative Campaign Planning, Designing, Copy

 If you are in the trend, you are out from setting the trend.
We protect your brand from being stereotyped in the market (unless required). We manage your internal and external communications to sync the brand to a uniform tone. Brand identity (logo, corporate stationery) forms an integral part to the above process in addition to Collaterals (brochures, catalog, direct mailer, and posters, pop). 

Unless Brand transfers its energy, it gets depleted.
Your brand gets various channels to transfer its energy through Corporate Videos, Infomercials, Public Service Video, Sales Video, Demo / Presentation Video, Film Promos, Television Commercials, Radio Jingles, Documentary Features.

If you are not seen, you are not sold
How can brand escape audience’s amnesia? How can shelf life of brand be prolonged? What does it take for the brand make a red carpet entry into public’s long term memory?