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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Advertising Case Study of Political Campaign developed by Muse


Political Campaign Developed for Member of Parliament Dr. Sanjeev Naik to communicate about the progress done by Dr. Sanjeev Naik in his constituencies during his tenure, his future plans for his constituencies and his commitment towards the development plans.

Campaign Goals:To create awareness about the developments carried out by Dr. Sanjeev Naik in his constituencies in his last tenure with respect to infrastructure, health, education, sports and cultural initiatives.To motivate the masses to join the next phase growth and development initiatives planned by Dr. Sanjeev Naik for their areaTo help connect the masses with the vision of Dr. Sanjeev Naik towards developing their constituencies


      a. Research:Muse conducted research on the background and work profile of Dr. Sanjeev Naik. His work is spread across the constituencies of Navi Mumbai, Thane city & Mira Bhayandar. These constituencies are considered as Mumbai’s best developed and well planned areas. Under the leadership of Dr. Sanjeev Naik, these constituencies has achieved good governance, well planned infrastructure, cost effective lifestyle, health, education and recreation facilities.

      b. Strategy & Planning:Muse developed a strong communication strategy to establish Dr. Sanjeev Naik as ‘the face of development’ in each of his constituencies. The campaign was devised integrating his past developmental milestones along with his future vision for his constituencies. Muse developed the concept ‘Wada Bhi Irada Bhi’ which celebrates his past laurels, while projecting him as a consistent leader who wishes to continue his growth story in the second term. With sound knowledge of nuances of the outdoor media, Muse successfully created a very user friendly and high recall value campaign which instantly assimilates with masses’ lingo.Amidst the brouhaha of other political campaigns across the city and availability of only outdoor media for the campaign, Muse had the tough task to draw mass attention towards the campaign. Muse devised the campaign across three phases.

     c. Campaign:

The Campaign ‘Wada Bhi Irada Bhi’ highlights the strong intent and consistency of the candidate towards his promise and deliverables. The campaign is an integration of series of thoughts, each being a campaign in itself. This series comprises of one creative each for progress, unity, brotherhood, happiness, revolution, cultural diversity, infrastructure and sports. Each of the above attributes is essential in building a city of future where different communities can systematically and comfortably flourish and prosper. This series of thought are put up as a ‘Teaser’ in front of the masses which was revealed in the second phase. The Teaser Campaign is a first in the history of political campaigns in the country.

Teaser Campaign: 


What began as a ‘Teaser’ to open the campaign soon started catching up as the Talk of the Town. The Teaser proved instrumental in driving mass engagement towards the campaign as it triggered curiosity and left masses asking for its unveil. The campaign was all encompassing as it involved professionals, youth, auto drivers, hawkers, commuters, housewives. With the campaign “Wada Bhi Irada Bhi”, Dr. Sanjeev Naik became household name within the target audience.

Teaser Unveil:

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Raise Your Voice...Women


The Television Commercial Spots for Officer's Choice Blue seems contemporary remake of the hackneyed Hero rescues Heroine plot. The films supposedly urge only men (not women) to Raise their Voice against atrocities committed against women while women conveniently tolerate them without showing any offense forget putting up a fight.

Nothing can get more regressive than showing two emancipated women, one a corporate woman and other a suave modern woman becoming victims to violence and harassment just to make a male, a hero. These two women could have Raised Their Voice and easily taken control of the situation especially in the setting they have shown to be; a restaurant & an office, both have enough public to support them in case they want one. Out of the huge crowd setting, why only a single male is shown to resist the atrocities, why a female isn’t shown with the same poise?  

Can such an ad proclaim that it is made to reduce atrocities against women when it explicitly encourages the same?

If fairness creams could be attacked under the pretext of encouraging racial discrimination, such films should be condemned for promoting gender discrimination. As they portray women as weak creatures who are dependent on others (in this case, males) and attribute strength and power to the male dominion.

Without delving into the discussions on whether these films will be able to position the brand within its Target Audience, I would like to conclude with one message that as long as women are made to depend upon only external factors like system, police, officers, men to protect their sovereignty without Raising their own Voice, the atrocities against them are going to amplify without having a choice.